¿Cómo pueden los nuevos empresarios de Internet crear un negocio rápidamente?

Para un empresario que decida empezar a trabajar en un negocio rentable en internet, crear un impulso de marketing online después de la puesta en marcha es una prioridad. Sin el impulso el negocio se estancará, creando una montaña de obstáculos para que el nuevo negocio sea rentable. En este artículo os daremos algunos consejos para ayudar a impulsar vuestro negocio.

Creación y distribución de contenido de calidad

Internet es una vasta red de información. Si pones un negocio en la red, su empresa debe enfocar su marketing en ser una parte útil de esa información. Es muy importante crear y distribuir contenidos de calidad que les sirva a los clientes potenciales que estás buscando. Mientras buscan y localizan su contenido, verás como aumenta el interés por tu negocio, atrayendo las ganancias. Es importante combinar esta creación de contenido con marketing online y de redes sociales, así, los nuevos usuarios verán un buen contenido, generando interés e impulsando tu negocio.

ganar dinero internet

Actividad diario para tu tráfico específico

El éxito en línea vendrá dado por focalizar tu contenido hacia el tráfico que te interesa, y si puedes publicar cosas diariamente, mejor que mejor. Una buena forma de generar esto es crear una lista de cosas por hacer y cumplirla a rajatabla. Si se hace una buena lista y se trabaja como se debe, el nuevo contenido atraerá nuevos usuarios e impulsará vuestro negocio y, si está bien hecho, incluso vuestro posicionamiento web.

Gestiona bien el tiempo

En las primeras etapas de un nuevo negocio, el tiempo tiene poco valor monetario, aumentando mucho este valor conforme pasa el tiempo. Para mantener este empujón, debéis aseguraros de que el tiempo dedicado a medida que crece el negocio se invierte sabiamente. Conforme vayacrezca el negocio, podrá asignar un valor monetario por cada hora que trabaja en la empresa.

Aprende algo nuevo cada día

Nadie sabe todo lo que hay que saber para tener éxito en línea, y menos en internet, donde las tendencias de márquetin online y los algoritmos de google para el posicionamiento SEO van cambiando constantemente. Dedicar un poco de tiempo a la semana para investigar estas tendencias y nuevas técnicas para mejorar tu negocio en línea y luego aplicarlas, sin duda tendrá un resultado satisfactorio.

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La rendición de cuentas a diario para hacer las cosas

Tenéis que conseguir que vuestro equipo consiga las tareas programadas diariamente. Y esto se consigue con motivación y con sentimientos de identificación y responsabilidad de los empleados hacia la empresa.

Ganar dinero en la red siempre es difícil, sobre todo al comienzo. Pero con una buena estrategia de marketing online y posicioamiento SEO, darás un gran empujon a tu negocio online para que sea rentable rápidamente.

Internet Explorer 11 Compatibility problems again

Compatibility problems continue to plague Internet Explorer 11, with some Microsoft customers once again complaining that the company’s latest browser doesn’t work with one of its own products.

Users first raised red flags about IE11 in October, when reports surfaced that the browser was rendering a number of sites strangely, including several Google properties and Microsoft’s own Outlook.com.

Microsoft apparently released a fix for those problems – although exactly why the issues cropped up to begin with is not entirely clear – but now Redmond’s latest and greatest browser seems to be at it again. And as before, it’s a Microsoft product that’s taking the hit.

On Thursday, Microsoft service engineer Daria Barteneva bloggedthat customers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online are having problems running the initial configuration of new CRM Online instances, including free trials.

Barteneva posted a workaround for the problem, but it won’t be much of a comfort for affected customers:

JPG Files To Animated GIF Converter Software

From Sobolsoft:

If you have many consecuentlly images, use JPG Files To Animated GIF Converter Software  to convert multiple JPG images into animated GIFs. The user can add the required JPG files or an entire folder before setting the number of frames per second and starting the conversion. Using this time saving software, even large numbers of files can be handled with one click.


  • Version:
    File Size:
    Date Added:
    June 28, 2012
    Free to try (Limited features); $19.99 to buy
    Operating Systems:
    Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8

How to convert audio from YouTube videos into mp3


We uses to see see a video on YouTube just for the music, not for the video, and you want to have the audio in mp3, whether a song or whatever the video. Well this time we will show you how to convert the audio of YouTube videos to mp3, for a quick and simple through a free site that converts audio from any video from YouTube to Mp3.

How to convert audio from YouTube videos into mp3:


  • Open any YouTube video you want to convert your audio in MP3 format.
  • Copy the URL (address) of that video. With Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V will do.
  • Open another window and entered the www.flvto.com web.
  • Here we see an empty space to copy the video URL from YouTube, put the URL and give the button that says “Conver to”.
  • So automatically after a few seconds the audio from YouTube video mp3 becomes.
  • Pop up a window that will invite us to save the audio on our computer.
  • We save and after 1 or 2 minutes the audio will YouTube video on our computer.

Easy, fast, and completely free.

5 Free Tools OCR Software To Convert Images into Text

The OCR stands for optical character recognition. OCR software to extract text from an image and convert it into editable text document. If you need the text of an image to not have to sit down and write all the text. Just scan the text and then use an OCR tool to convert it to editable text.

There are many available OCR software, however, most of them have more features, but have to install and are expensive commercial. It makes little sense to spend so much money on it if you have free tools.

But do not forget you want to do a sanity check of the text that is returned to you, as there are a lot of complications that can arise in the recognition and translation process. But correct your text is much faster and easier than having to write everything in one character at a time.

Modern technology is wonderful, take a scanned image (or take a snapshot with a mobile camera / Digicam) and OCR software extracts all image information in easily editable text format.

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a system of converting scanned printed / image files handwritten text in machine readable format. OCR software works by analyzing a document and comparing it with those stored in its database, and / or pointing the typical features of characters. Some OCR software also expressed through a spell checker to “guess” unrecognized words. An accuracy of 100% is difficult to achieve, but is close approximation for most software that fight.

Maybe you already know how to extract text from images (OCR) JOCR post and use the software free OCR tool. Or you could have set your preference to some online OCR tools. Moreover, if you have thought of ways to exploit the OCR software for productivity shortcuts, then we will give you some tools to play.

We will describe 5 pcs free OCR software and to start seeing the two neighbors that are already installed on our systems.

OCR with Microsoft OneNote 2007

Basic OCR for occasional, MS OneNote has optical function character recognition which is a time savings.

Imagen 6

You may have missed it “| is called Copy Text from Image. OneNote can recognize text contained in images that you inserted into your notes. This allows you to use or find the information in your notebook, but is within images, such as:

  • Drag from a scanner or a picture in OneNote. You can also use OneNote to cut part of the screen or an image in OneNote.Web Screen clippings
  • Printed copies of documents or slides in OneNote (Insert> files as printouts)
  • The images made from your mobile device with OneNote Mobile, as the image of a business card
  • Please right-click on the inserted image and select Copy Text from Picture.
  • The optically recognized text copied to the clipboard and enters now be pasted into any program like Word or Notepad.

OneNote is simplicity. But not too big for handwritten characters or more diffuse forms. But for a quick job, I am in favor of OneNote clip.



OCR using Microsoft Office Document Imaging

Another underutilized tool within the Microsoft family. It’s there in the menu – Microsoft Office “” Microsoft Office Tools – Microsoft Office Document Imaging.


Herramientas Office

Using Document Imaging OCR tool which is a bit limiting, as it only accepts TIFF (or MDI). But that’s not too much trouble as any graphical application can be used to convert a TIFF image. You can use MS Paint to convert a JPEG to TIFF.

  • Open the file in Microsoft Office Document Imaging – File “” Open.
  • Click on the icon – Recognize Text Using OCR.
  • Click the icon MS Word “” Send Text to Word.
  • An MS Word file opens with editable text converted.
  • Alternatively, you can also use MS Paint to select a specific area and copy it to the clipboard. Open MS Office Document Imaging “” Select Page “” Paste to copy the selection page OCR.

Again, MODI (MS Office Document Imaging) deftly handles printed text, but my text manuscript was received with a “~ OCR performed but could not recognize the message text. Course, try it with your own hand.

So, now let’s leave the family Microsoft back and look three free tools called “OCR software.”




SimpleOCR is the popular freeware OCR software with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. SimpleOCR is also royalty free OCR SDK for developers to use in their custom applications.

If you have a scanner and want to avoid retyping your documents, SimpleOCR is the fast, and free to do so. SimpleOCR freeware is 100% free and not limited in any way. SimpleOCR Anyone can use free – home users, educational institutions, even corporate users.

The software can be configured to read directly from a scanner or by adding a page (jpg, tiff, bmp).
SimpleOCR provides some control over the conversion through the text selection, selection of image and text features to ignore.
The text conversion process takes a validation step, the user can correct the discrepancies in the converted text using a built-in spell checker.
The converted file can be saved in doc or txt format.
SimpleOCR was fine with regular text, but its management with multi-column layouts give a downer. In my opinion, the accuracy of the conversion of Microsoft tools was considerably better than SimpleOCR. SimpleOCR (v3.1) is a 9 MB download and is compatible with Windows.


TopOCR is designed to be simple and easy to use for document scanning with cameras, document cameras, web cameras, smartphones, autofocus and yes, even scanners. Just plug the device into the USB port of your PC, and can open image files in the image window and see automatically the OCR result to the text window. TopOCR combines a complete image editor and word processor functions with advanced image processing technology and high-speed optical character recognition. To document cameras and webcams autofocus, single-click “Preview” real time webcam image and dialogue “Capture” makes it easier to properly position for scanning documents.

The picture from a camera or scanner in the left window is converted to text format in the text editor on the right. The functions of the text editor like WordPad can use the text to speech engine.
The software supports JPEG, TIFF, GIF and BMP.
The picture settings such as brightness, color, contrast, sharpening, etc., can be used to improve readability of the image.
The configuration of the filter chamber can also be set to enhance the image.
The converted file can be saved in a variety of formats “” PDF, RTF, HTML and TXT.
TopOCR functions well with the text directly targeted, but the lack of custom OCR text columns remains.
The software, however, discusses a mixed page (text plus graphics) and processed while the text only.
The software works with 11 languages.
To get the best results from your camera read here: How to get the best results with TopOCR. TopOCR (v4.4) is a discharge of about 8 MB and is compatible with Windows.


This free software uses OCR Tesseract OCR engine. Tesseract OCR, this code was developed at HP Labs between 1985 and 1995 and now with Google. He is considered one of the most accurate OCR engines available open source.

FreeOCR has a simple Windows interface to the underlying code.
It supports most image files and multi-page TIFF files.
It can handle PDF formats and also supports TWAIN devices such as scanners.
FreeOCR familiar interface also has the dual window with easy to understand settings.
Before starting the conversion process with a single click, you can set the image contrast for better readability.
FreeOCR (v.2.03) requires Microsoft Net 2.0 framework. The Software compatible (4.38MB) for Windows XP / Vista can also be downloaded from this alternative site.

FreeOCR tools come with their own limitations. And if you are scanning a page has a lot to do with resolutions, contrast and clarity of the sources. From the perspective of an average user, 100% accuracy OCR remains a chimera.

Although the free tools were adequate with printed text normally could not with italic handwriting. My personal preference for the use of OCR improvise tilts both Microsoft products that I mentioned earlier.

Their own affairs say. What is your tool of choice? Is a free OCR software that recognizes through it? And most importantly, do you recognize what pulls you? Let us know.