How to convert MIDI to WMA?

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WMA – The WMA format stands for Windows Media Audio. It’s owned by Microsoft, part of Microsoft’s Windows Media technology. According to independent testing it sounds as good as MP3 at half the bit rate (and therefore half the file size). WMA is downloadable format, and in conjunction with Microsoft’s Advanced Streaming Format (ASF), WMA can also be streamed to listeners. Optional copyright protection is included in the WMA code, allowing the owner to restrict the use of protected material.

In order to work with the family of WMA files, you must install Windows Media Player 9 or later or a special redistribution package supplied by Microsoft. While connected to the Internet, click on this link to obtain the package. The package is in the form of an exe file named wmfdist.exe. Just download and double click on the file to have it installed.

If you have already installed Windows Media Player 9, there is no need to download the wmfdist.exe file. The file is only needed if an older version of WMP is installed and you do not want to upgrade.

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