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MID Converter – midi and gp3, gp4 player.MIDI, SMF – The standard format of computer music is the Standard MIDI File (SMF), a set of conventions adopted by the music industry in 1987 as a superset of the MIDI Standard. SMF is a file format supported by practically all MIDI software developers. Notation software, sequencers, and other music applications allow the user to save music to disk as a SMF as an alternative to the program’s native file format. Additionally, most music software will open a SMF, regardless of the software that was originally used to create it. The format is quite robust: track names, patch changes, and subtle nuances are translated without error. Thanks to SMFs, music can be marketed to all computer musicians regardless of hardware. Thanks to SMFs, musicians can create music in one program and further manipulate it in another.GP3 – GuitarPro 3 file. Guitar Pro is a multitrack tablature editor for guitar, banjo and bass.Tablature is a form of musical notation designed for musical instruments which gives the player instructions on where to put their fingers rather than which notes to play. Tablatures are most important for fretted stringed instruments, but there were also tablature systems for keyboard instruments and the recorder during the Renaissance and baroque period. Tablature is sometimes referred to as tab for short.

GP4 – Guitar Pro 4 file.

Tablature is commonly written for the guitar, bass, lute and vihuela, but in principle it can be used for any fretted stringed instrument, including, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, and viola da gamba. It is commonly used in notating pop music, and is often seen in folk music.

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